Monday, March 19, 2012

Minions, the tank wars!

Here is another Multiplayer Online Game: Minions! In Minions u choose one from 8 tanks, called Minions and fight in teams to destroy the other base (up to 12 players, 6 vs 6). Each Minion have 3 unique skills and while you level up u can also level up the skills. In Minions its all about teamplay, so learn how to play each Minion and what role he has.

You can play Minions on kongregate:
Where u cant play all Minions and only can play 4 vs 4.
Or you can play it on Casual Collective:
Where u need an accout to play (but have all Minions and can play up to 6 vs 6.

I played this games for much hours, hope you enjoy it like i did! Have fun:)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Solar Chiefs Online, The Planet Wars

Solar Chiefs is a multiplayer game. You fight as a Planet or Colony with many different weapons.

 The gameplay is easy. You have a short amount of time to aim your weapons and maybe also move your Colony. In the same time up to 3 human enemy's doing the same. Hit them with a Missile, a Laser or a Newton Gun (My favorite ;) and many other Weapons and try to kill them all!
The last Colony alive win and level up which will give you access to new weapons and systems

Give it a try:
(Warning, Solar Chiefs can be addictive)

Mari0 - a plumber with a Portalgun

Everyone know Mario, the Italian-American plumber who lives in the Mushroom Kingdom. He has appeared in over 200 video games and now he got one more!

So, what will happen when the good old Mario finds a Portal gun?

No more words needed! Watch the awesome video

Get it for free from:

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

TowerDefence: CreepTD

CreepTD is the new Version from CreepSmash and its a multiplayer TowerDefence game where you play all vs all or in Teams. Its free to play and written in Java. To play you need an account, but its easy to setup.

How does it work?
You have to do two things, first is to set up towers to defend yourself, second is to send creeps to other players and try to get 20 creeps through the defence. Every time you send a creep you also increase your income by 10% of the creeps cost. So the main target is to send as much creeps to increase your income and only build as much towers as u need to survive.

You will find the game at

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

TowerDefence: Revenge of the Titans

A few weeks ago i found this game in my local Gameshop. its not expensive and a nice little Game for all TowerDefence Lovers, like me;)

"At first they came from the skies. In the ensuing war, Earth was laid waste, but we had won... But that was just the first strike - now the invasion has landed! Defeat the returning Titan horde in a series of epic ground battles, save the Earth, again, and command the counterstrike against their homeworld!"

You have to protect your buildings with towers, build up Refinerys to gain more income and after each level you have 1 techpoint.

Have fun!
Just 1 more Level, then i go to bed..;)